There are multiple ways in which abdominal fat can be burned, and of course, all the people who suffer from it have tried them, but these traditional methods are no longer as useful as before, so they have no choice but to perform liposuction, which is the perfect solution to get rid of them.

About liposuction

The person is placed under general or local anaesthesia depending on the duration of the operation and the amount of fat to be removed and the most important steps following the operation

  • The plastic surgeon makes a small incision in the skin and inserts a plastic tube. 
  • The plastic tube removes and inserts fluids into and out of the body
  • It is moved forward and backwards for liposuction. A surgical aspirator will be connected to the tube for liposuction and remove it from the body.
  • Liposuction takes 1 to 2 hours depending on the amount of fat
  • The patient could leave the hospital the same day.

Who is qualified for liposuction?

  • A person undergoing abdominal liposuction should have a weight gain that does not exceed 30% of his normal weight
  • Abdominal fat should not respond to any healthy diet or exercise
  • It is important to be healthy with no serious or chronic diseases because good psychological health plays a big role in the success of this type of operation, so the person should not suffer from any disease especially depression
  • The skin should be flexible and in good condition to be easily treated, so it is preferable to perform this procedure at an advanced age, beyond 18 years.


The results of abdominal liposuction are final and continuous and must be maintained by maintaining an ideal weight and exercising regularly.
the improved body shape appears after oedema and water retention in the body disappear, which is a side effect after the operation.
with getting older, the body loses its flexibility but most of the results are permanent and although the success rates of the operation are high, there is no guarantee to achieve the best results from the first procedure, so sometimes another surgery is required.
Some side effects after liposuction

  • Abnormal bruising
    It appears in people taking medications containing vitamin E, or aspirin, as well as people with a tendency to bleed.
  • Numbness
    The patient might lose the sense of the abdominal area, which is often a temporary condition that fades over time, and temporary nerve irritation might happen as well.
  • Inflammation and swelling
    Swelling of the abdominal area often occurs and remains present for 6 months after the operation, but this has no risk to the person. minor bruises may also appear which will fade one week after the operation.
  • Irregular skin surface
    It often occurs temporarily but, in some cases, it is permanent, due to the nature of the skin, as the elastic skin quickly returns to what it was, and thick skin returns after a while.
  • Blood-laden fluids exit the suction vents in abdominal liposuction This is not dangerous and can last for a week after liposuction.

VASER liposuction


It is a process by which the fat surrounding the muscles is dissolved very accurately. The 4D laser is a very precise tool that enables the doctor to carve the shape of muscles in the state of movement and stillness. the VASER liposuction technique also enables the doctor to carve very precise places that other techniques cannot reach, such as carving the shape of muscles in the chin, for example, and getting rid of the fat of the arms, the inside of thighs and abdomen.

Candidates for VASER liposuction

The right candidate for VASER liposuction is someone who has reached (or is approaching) his ideal weight, with only 30% extra weight than normal.

G Plasma Liposuction


What is a G-plasma device and what is its mechanism of action?

 G Plasma: Is the best cosmetic medical device in getting rid of sagging fat and uses plasma as a factor along with helium gas and radiofrequency energy (RF) to reverse the effects of ageing on the skin by reducing wrinkles, fine lines and colour change, in addition to tightening the sagging skin to the minimum to reach a fully harmonic body.