Breast surgery

The breast is the most prominent element in female beauty. Women who don’t find their breasts beautiful may feel inferior. This can harm and reduce their self-confidence. In this case, the only treatment to solve this problem is breast plastic surgery. Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery performed to restore sagging tissue regardless of the size of the breasts. Every woman wants to have upstanding and full breasts. Weight gain, genetic factors and pregnancy and breastfeeding can cause sagging breasts.

Forms of breast cosmetic surgery

Breast lift
Breast reduction
Breast augmentation

Candidates for breast surgery


Patients who are not satisfied with the appearance of their breasts can undergo breast surgery. or who suffer from the following problems:

  • Women who suffer from loss of breast filling.
  •  Sagging breasts due to age. 
  • Patients with asymmetry problems in the breast.

What to pay attention to before breast surgery?

  • Routine pre-surgery examination, comprehensive physical examination, laboratory tests, and breast appearance examination.
  •  Stop taking aspirin-containing medications and contraceptives two weeks before breast surgeries.
  • Avoid the menstrual cycle period, avoid premenstrual and menstrual periods.
  •  Communicate with your doctor, understand the desired effect etc. 
  • Choose the plastic surgery hospital and an expert plastic surgeon.

Breast augmentation:


This procedure is performed to add volume to the breast that suffers from shrinking size and contraction due to age, breast with deformation problems due to sudden weight gain, breast that loses shape after birth, or breast that is not harmonic with the body’s structure in terms of growth.

How breast augmentation is done

In breast augmentation surgery, silicone placed in breast tissue is used. There are also two options in breast silicone, filled with silicone gel or filled with physiological saline solution.
In these two types of artificial breasts, the outer surface consists of silicon. Given a person’s body structure and preference, the most suitable type for body condition should be preferred. The outer surfaces of the implant can be soft or rough. You will be briefed on the implant that is right for you after the first examination.

Breast reduction:


Breast reduction is applied to the breast which is enlarged due to growth or weight gain. In addition, various tumours in breast tissue can also cause an increase in breast size. With breast reduction surgery, the structure of breast tissue is reduced by removing excess fatty tissue leaving the patient with a lighter and aesthetically healthier body.

How breast reduction is:

usually patients whose breasts are large complain of problems such as back pain, shoulders pain, shortness of breath and general disorders. Breast reduction is performed on the disproportionately large breasts compared to the structure of the body to correct and beautify the breast. As with all surgeries, choosing the doctor has huge importance in how breast reduction is carried out.

Breast lift:


Breast lift is generally performed simultaneously with breast augmentation and breast reduction. Causes such as loss of flexible structure of breast tissue with age, hormonal causes, breastfeeding, pregnancy, or sudden weight loss cause sagging breasts. Breast lift is performed through a vertical incision that is made from around the nipple to the breast crease with implants placed under the breast.